Statistics with R

Lecturer: Nicole Gotzner, ZAS Berlin; Teaching assistant: Camilo Rodríguez Ronderos, Humboldt University
Room: 1.404
This class gives an introduction to statistics using R for the novice. You will learn about basic concepts of statistics and practice data analysis in R with linguistic examples.
In the first week, you will learn about core notions of statistics. The second goal is to learn how to do basics in R such as creating scripts, accessing information in data frames, plotting and calculating descriptive statistics.
The second week is devoted to basic and advanced methods of inferential statistics. We will start out with non-parametric tests, correlations and regression modeling. Another session is devoted to t-tests and ANOVA. Then we move to linear and logit mixed models. You will learn about contrast coding, model comparison and current conventions concerning model fitting. Throughout the entire course, we will allow time for questions concerning your own data sets.
Course material

Mon Aug 5th

  • -

    Descriptive Statistics – Core concepts

Tue Aug 6th

  • -

    Descriptive Statistics – Introduction to R

Wed Aug 7th

  • -

    Descriptive Statistics – Plotting in R

Thu Aug 8th

Fri Aug 9th

  • -

    Descriptive Statistics – Distributions

Mon Aug 12th

  • -

    Inferential statistics – Non-parametric tests

Tue Aug 13th

  • -

    Inferential statistics – Correlations and regression modeling

Wed Aug 14th

  • -

    Inferential statistics – T-tests and ANOVA

Thu Aug 15th

Fri Aug 16th

  • -

    Inferential statistics – Linear and logit mixed models