Pragmatics and Semantics in Language Acquisition

Lecturers: Maria Teresa Guasti, Milan Bicocca University / Napoleon Katsos, Cambridge University London
Room: 1.403
The course will provide students with knowledge about different topics in experimental pragmatics and at the interface between pragmatics and semantics. It will focus both on theoretical issues and methodological issues. Although the topics are relatively independent, there is continuity. It is articulated in 8 sessions, the first four sessions will be delivered by Prof. Katsos and the last four by Prof. Guasti.
Course material

Mon Aug 5th

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    Implicatures from a methodological perspective

Tue Aug 6th

Wed Aug 7th

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    Pragmatic typologies

Thu Aug 8th

  • -

    Quantifiers and scope across languages

Fri Aug 9th

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Mon Aug 12th

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    Implicatures in language impaired populations and in bilingual populations 1

Tue Aug 13th

Wed Aug 14th

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    Implicatures in language impaired populations and bilingual populations 2

Thu Aug 15th

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    Connectives and negation

Fri Aug 16th

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    Connectives, negation and negative concord languages